An ultimate keepsake that transcends trends and makes you feel divine when you slip into it.

The Tulsi Kimonos have always held a special place our world of fashion. The smooth, luxurious feel of silk, combined with the timeless elegance of the kimono, creates a style that's hard to resist. They are a statement of sustainability and style.

They combine the allure of silk with the principles of sustainability, creating a style that's not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. Embrace the elegance of upcycled silks and make a statement for ethical, timeless fashion.

Why Choose Sustainable Silk Kimonos?

The reasons for choosing our sustainable silk kimonos are manifold. They are a testament to eco-friendly fashion, our main goal at L'ete Indien The Label.

By reusing and upcycling silk, we reduce the demand for new materials and minimize the carbon footprint associated with fashion production.

Supporting upcycled fashion also means supporting ethical practices.

Our artisans and us who specialize in upcycled silk kimonos often work in small-scale, fair-trade environments. This ensures that the people behind the fashion are treated fairly and earn a living wage.

Vintage silk kimonos also bring a sense of timeless charm to modern style. They provide a bridge between the elegance of the past and the sustainability of the future.

How to Style Your Vintage Silk Kimono

One of the most exciting aspects of upcycled silk kimonos is their versatility. They can be paired with jeans and a cami for a casual, everyday look. Alternatively, they can be layered over a silky slip dress for a more formal occasion. Adding a belt can transform your kimono into a stylish dress. The possibilities are endless.

The Eco-Friendly Impact

By choosing upcycled silk kimonos, you are contributing to reducing textile waste. The fashion industry is notorious for producing a vast amount of waste. Upcycling gives new life to materials that might otherwise end up in landfills.

Supporting upcycled fashion means supporting a circular economy. This sustainable model is essential for preserving our planet's resources. On a personal level, wearing upcycled silk kimonos sends a powerful message about your commitment to sustainability.


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