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We want to tell the stories of the amazing artisans we have encountered, their traditional techniques, and to share the history that each craft has to tell. 

As we work with these artisans to imbue every piece with the authenticity and update those traditions for a modern life.


Our small family workshop is based in India.

Being amazed with their sense of creativeness, color & detail. It always feels like we are diving into a multicolored universe!
Believing in preserving age-old crafts while giving them a contemporary lift.

We feel so lucky to have connected with and to be work alongside these artisans.


Our silk collection is made of vintage silk sarees from India and Sri Lanka which we buy, wash, and up cycle into the new styles for you. 

The majority the collection is made of repurposing the silk sarees, they are  normally measuring approximately 5-6 meters long for each, which can be used for one dress or one kimono. 

Every design you will buy will be unique to its pattern and one of a kind, which makes it all the more special. The extras we have from each saree we create our favorite mix-print kimonos. 

We hold high value in our pieces being created in the most sustainable way possible and respecting the communities we work with as well as the nature around us.


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